3D Product Animation Video Service

The best way to visualize your product to your targeted niche audience is 3D animation. Who doesn’t like to see a product flipped from all sides, right? 

We have 5+ years of experience in the field of 3D product animation. From precise modeling and visualization even to the tiniest details, we have done it all.

3D Product Animation Video Service

We not only offer the best product visualization in 3D,
but also...

High Quality

We guarantee a high-quality presentation for all our 3D product animation services


Pay only after receiving our exceptional service, ensuring your peace of mind

Flexible Payment

We accept all major payment gateway including PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card, Master/ Visa Card etc.

witness the magic of 3D modeling

Our 3D Product Animation Video Services

Here is what you will find with us.

3D Modeling

Precise, identical and life like 3D modeling of products.


Animating 3D products and presentation.

Still rendering

3D still rendering is also done after creating a 3D model.

Dynamic animation

Expressive and immersive dynamic animations. 

Realistic or simple output

Also we provide realistic and simple output depending on your preferences. 

Particles animation

We can make things more realistic and engaging for the customers, with the help of particle animation. 

Background music

Depending on each product, scene, subject and environment, we make BGM. And it is available in our premium package. 

1080p Video

You get 1080p 3D animation, videos and other social media sizes, depending on your preferences.

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Regular Videos


3D Animated Videos


While physical product is always a plus point, there are some aspects that you cannot perform in an instance. And here are some of them that why explain why 3D animated videos work, even better.

Clear visualization

With 3D animated objects, you get the guarantee of clear visualization. The shots are crystal clear, high definition and can be edited into any size and aspect ratio. Which drags the attention of the viewer even more.

Product Showcase

You are in control of your product. Choose your angles, shots, and colors. And spin it 360 for all your customers. That's how efficient and convenient 3D product animation is.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the one and only key to success today. And how better to grab the market first with a 3D animation. In this era of digitalization, you don't need to send thousands of product to get millions of shot, but one 3D rendering to get all of them at once. Once it is done, do your social media marketing even before the launch.

Particle Animation

The animations are like Hollywood movie shots. You get part by part animation, can edit every sequence or detail, can add or remove objects and scenes to your liking. Best of all, particle animations are also added to give the product a more realistic view, which are better as it is controlled by an expert.

3D Realistic Animations

You can not only use the animations in one background, but in many. As they are like the real thing, it can be put in different scenarios, perspectives, and angles to appeal to the viewer.

Print Materials

The 3D animations are not limited to videos. These can be used as our brochure, print materials, ad copy, billboards, magazines, and even on your website. So you are investing in a long term project with just one package. 

Marketing research

You cannot start production without doing a market research. And how to get the product into reality? 3D animation can do it for you with ease. You can do a market research, know how people react to it, how many of them want it, and then start the production, without even manufacturing it.

Less Expensive

Photography of a single product costs a lot. This is due to the setup, natural environment and creating each scenario. But 3D is animations are done on a high end computer with professionals with years of experience. Which is way less expensive.

3D modelling in Promotion

How it Helps in Product Marketing

3D product marketing helps more as you are in control. You can get all the smallest details in the animation which is lifelike. This takes a lot of time if you go for video shoot or photography. Here are some of the key points that 3D animated video help you.

Validates Quality

Validates Quality

Often times video and photography can’t capture the essence of a premium product. This is due to the lack of scenario and presentation. With 3D visualization, you can achieve that with just a few clicks and expert animators.

Distinguish Product

Distinguish Product

You cannot make your product stand out without comparing it with a regular product. 3D animations only require the size, dimensions and create the same lookalike. And then compare it with a regular product, more efficiently, marketing your product to rank

Influencer Trend

Influencer Trend

Ever wondered why top reviewers and influencer have beautiful video output? Is it because of their setup? Wrong. They use 3D videos and animations of the product that they use in different scenarios. Which draws more attention and keeps the audiences go for it.

Video Imperative

Video Imperative

Videos are vital for making stunning 3D product animations that really connect with people. Our animations make your ideas shine, getting more people interested and excited. Let us help you tell your story with amazing videos that boost your brand.

3D Product vs 2D Product Animation

Dimension Comparison

3D Product Visualization

3D Product
  • Three-dimensional representation.
  • Makes products look real with textures and lighting.
  • Interactive, allowing 360-degree views and customization.
  • Works great for lots of things, from online shopping to virtual adventures.
  • Makes your product presentations super engaging and impressive.


2D modeling is flat and static,
while –

3D modeling brings products to life with depth and interactivity, making it ideal for captivating online experiences and engaging product presentations.

2D Product Visualization

2D Product
  • Two-dimensional representation.
  • Good for simple designs and printed materials.
  • Can’t show depth and realism well.
  • Limited interactivity and viewing angles.
  • Saves money for basic projects.

Why is Our Service Best?

We’re different because we’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we really care about making things look great. Plus, we won’t break the bank our prices are fair. We’re experts at making 3D animation that look super real, and they make people really interested in your stuff. We’re like your go-to pals for making your products look awesome in the online world.


We specialize in placing 3D models in review videos, whether for single products, roundups, or comparisons


Our 3D models engage viewers, allowing them to interact, zoom, and explore products from all angles


We create highly realistic 3D models that capture textures, materials, and lighting with precision


We offer top-quality work at reasonable prices, delivering exceptional value.


With over 10 years of experience, our team excels in 3D product modeling for marketing.


Our focus on quality ensures higher customer satisfaction levels, and we tailor our work to meet your specific needs


No project is too big or small; we can handle orders of any size efficiently


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How to Get Started

Welcome to our 3D modeling and animation service! We’re excited to bring your ideas to life. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to kickstart your project:

How to Get Started
Step 1
  • Share your project requirements and any reference materials with us.
Step 2
  • We’ll create a visual script outlining your project’s flow and elements.
Step 3
3D Modeling
  • Our team will craft your project’s 3D models.
Step 4
Animation & Texturing
  • We’ll add movement, dynamics, and textures to bring your project to life.
Step 5
Final Touches
  • We’ll polish your project to perfection, making any necessary adjustments

Client Requirements

At Promotional Pact, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results for your 3D modeling and animation projects. To ensure a smooth and successful collaboration, we kindly request the following from our clients:

Project Brief

Please provide us with a detailed project brief that includes your objectives, vision, and any specific ideas or concepts you have in mind. The more information you share, the better we can understand your goals.

Reference Materials

Share any reference images, product dimensions, technical details, sketches, CAD files, or relevant materials that can help us grasp your project’s design and style requirements.

Project Timeline

Let us know if you have a specific deadline or timeframe in mind. Understanding your schedule helps us plan and prioritize your project accordingly.

What’s included with Our Service

When you choose Promotional Pact for your 3D modeling and animation needs, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive package
that includes:

3D Product Modeling

Our expert team will create stunning 3D models of your products, ensuring they look their best in the digital realm.

Four Style Options

We offer flexibility in styling to match your vision. Choose from four different visual styles that suit your project’s aesthetics.


Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide up to three revision rounds to fine-tune and perfect your project.

Crop Ratios

We understand the importance of delivering content in various formats. You’ll receive your 3D models in three popular crop ratios:

  • 1×1 (Square)
  • 9×16 (Vertical)
  • 16×9 (Horizontal)
More Options

Depending on your project’s specific needs, you can choose from a range of additional options. These may include:

  • Enhanced interactivity features
  • Priority support and faster turnaround times
  • Exploded & X-ray view
  • Customized lighting and textures
  • Fluid/Smoke/Fog Simulation
  • Interactive and VR walkthroughs
  • Realistic Environment rendering
  • Industrial simulation and many more
Ready to start?
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3D Modelers

Who Benefits from 3D Animation

Whether you’re a brand in manufacturing, design, marketing, or advertising, 3D animation has the power to enhance your visual content and captivate your audience

Home Appliance and Accessories Industry

Home Appliance and Accessories Industry

Industries involved in home appliances, furniture, and accessories rely on 3D modeling to create and showcase their products.

Jewelry & Watch Brands

Precise 3D models allow jewelry and watchmakers to display intricate details, enabling customers to appreciate the craftsmanship

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry benefits from 3D modeling for designing, prototyping, and marketing vehicles, as well as creating automotive components

Tech & Electronics Brands

Tech & Electronics Brands

Electronics, tech makers use 3D modeling for lifelike products like gadgets, accessories, cameras, tv, speaker, instruments, lights, and many more equipment

Kitchen Tools & Accessories

Kitchen Tools & Accessories

Companies that make things like kitchen tools, cleaning products, and more use 3D modeling to make their products look better in ads

Outdoor Gear Manufacturers

Outdoor Gear Manufacturers

Companies that make outdoor gear for activities like camping, fitness, and travel use 3D modeling to design and showcase their products.

Lifestyle Industry

Lifestyle Industry

In the lifestyle industry, which includes fashion products, beauty products, shoes, and more, they create and showcase their products with 3D modeling for engaging customers.

Pet Accessories Brands

Pet Accessories Brands

The creators of pet accessories, from pet beds to toys, benefit from 3D modeling to visualize and prototype designs that cater to our furry friends

Digital Marketers and Advertising Agencies

Professionals in online marketing and advertising use 3D models to create exciting online content and ads to grab people's attention

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Frequently Asked


Have Questions? We’re here to help

What industries can benefit from product animation videos?

Product animation videos are versatile and beneficial for a wide range of industries. They are particularly useful for marketing and showcasing products in industries like automotive, furniture, electronics, fashion, jewelry, and more.

Yes, your input is highly valued. We encourage collaboration and welcome your feedback throughout the animation process to ensure the final result aligns with your vision.

The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the animation and your specific requirements. Generally, we provide estimated project completion times based on your project’s scope.

Yes, we offer revision rounds to ensure you are satisfied with the animation. The number of revisions typically depends on the package you choose.

Switching to 3D offers several advantages, including more dynamic and interactive visuals, the ability to showcase products from various angles, and the option to make changes easily without expensive reshoots.

To get started, you can provide reference images, sketches, CAD files, or any relevant materials. Our team will guide you on the specific file requirements for your project.

Absolutely, we encourage open communication. You can interact with our team members to discuss project details, provide feedback, and ask questions at any stage of the process.

Turnaround times vary depending on project complexity and scope. We will provide you with a clear timeline estimate once we understand your project requirements.

We take data security seriously. Your 3D models and project information are handled with strict confidentiality and security measures in place to protect your intellectual property.

Yes, our goal is to create 3D models that are highly realistic and closely resemble real-life products. We use advanced rendering techniques and pay meticulous attention to detail to achieve this realism.