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Why Do You Need It?

We Create and Place Your Product to 3M+/month Users

If you're looking for authentic placement of your products to a niche-specific audience, we've got your back.

We have individual channels for 15+ niches, with a 3M+ monthly viewership. With a thriving audience and trusted credibility, placing your products into our videos will result into massive rise of your product marketing.

To make it hassle-free, we'll also create the videos and voiceovers ourselves. It's a 360-degree done for you solution for any Amazon, Shopify or E-commerce sellers like you.

Laser-Focused Precision

Access a highly-targeted audience in 15+ niches, ensuring your products engage with the exact customers you need.

Mega Exposure

Harness an extensive network of over 3 million monthly viewers, maximizing your products' visibility and potential impact.

Credibility Amplified

Leverage our established authority within niche communities to infuse your product placements with genuine trust and credibility.

Hassle Free 360 Solution

Experience an all-inclusive solution where we handle strategic placements, video creation, and voiceovers, empowering your Amazon, Shopify, or e-commerce venture with a comprehensive edge.

Step 1

Product Understanding

We take the time to understand your products, target audience, and marketing objectives. Our team collaborates with you to ensure we highlight the unique selling points of your products effectively.

Step 2

Video Creation

Our expert videographers and editors craft high-quality product review videos that capture the essence of your products and present them in an engaging and persuasive manner.

Step 3

Strategic Placement

Once the videos are ready, we strategically place them within our own YouTube channel network, which has a wide reach and audience interested in various product categories.

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Absolutely! We believe in tailoring our services to your specific needs. You can provide us with any preferences or guidelines you have in mind, and we’ll incorporate them into the video creation process.

We provide regular performance reports and analytics, allowing you to track the impact of the video placement on your website traffic, conversions, and overall sales.

We offer flexible plans to accommodate your business needs. While there is no minimum commitment period, we recommend giving the videos enough time to gain traction and deliver the desired results.

Yes, the product review videos created for your business are yours to use as you see fit. We encourage you to share them on your website, social media, and other marketing channels to amplify their reach.