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We are the storytellers of your brand, the architects of influence, and the dream team your products have been waiting for. Our videos aren’t just videos; they’re journeys. Journeys that captivate, inspire, and convert.

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Product Influencer Marketing Service
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Why Niche Influencer Marketing

Here is what you will find with us.

Build Audience Trust

Influencers have built trust with their followers, making their recommendations and opinions highly influential.


Offers cost-effective strategies that yield strong ROI and conversion rates by leveraging the trust and precision of niche-specific influencers

Higher Engagement

connects with specific audiences, gathers feedback for better products, and builds trust through influencer endorsements, resulting in higher engagement

Product Showcase

Influencers can showcase products in real-life settings, allowing customers to visualize their utility.

Increased Reach

By incorporating Viral Marketing and User-Generated Content, our service amplifies brand's reach, generates organic traffic, and enhances SEO rankings.

Content Variety

Niche Influencer Marketing enables the creation of diverse and valuable content that speaks directly to the specific interests and needs of your niche audience.

Global Reach

Nano influencers can reach a global audience while keeping things relevant on a local level

Boost E-commerce

Empowers your brand to reach a wider audience, boost product sales, and achieve e-commerce success, especially on platforms like Shopify and Amazon


More than 92% of users trust an influencer’s recommendation over a brand


81% of marketers say influencer marketing works


YouTube influences teens 70% more effectively than traditional celebrity endorsements


63% of marketers report they plan to increase their budget for influencer marketing in 2021


80 percent of consumers have purchased products in direct response to social media content


74% of consumers use social media to make buying decisions

Why Niche Influencer Marketing Works

Niche Influencer

For an Example, when it comes to selling a VR headset customers Trust Linus Tech Tips or Unbox Therapy rather than Mr. Beast


Mr. Beast is popular for entertainment niche, when it comes to tech, people often turn to these niche experts for reliable advice

Did you know that Amazon and Shopify sellers can boost their sales using Niche Influencer Marketing?
Ready to boost your sales?

Why Our Service Best?

At Promotional Pact, we’re your partners in the world of marketing. We offer a range of services that make your brand shine

Precise Audience

Our extensive network of influencers offers access to a 3M+ monthly viewership, allowing your brand to reach the right people at the right time

Stories That Speak
to You

We're storytellers at heart. Our storytelling experts create videos that connect with your audience, making your brand shine


We offer pocket-friendly packages, so influencer marketing is within reach for businesses of all sizes


We understand different niches inside and out. We customize our strategies to fit your industry, making your promotions hit the mark

We Handle Everything

From video creation to influencer collaborations, we manage the entire process, providing you with a hassle-free, 360-degree marketing solution

Global Exposure

Partner with us for global brand exposure. We're not limited by borders; your brand can shine everywhere

Measurable Impact

Our data-driven campaigns let you see real results. We're all about showing you the value of our collaborations


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Our Niche Audience Reach

  • Auto Car

    Rev up your style with influencers in the Auto - Car niche. From sleek rides to cool accessories, we drive your brand to new heights.

  • Camera

    Picture-perfect moments meet expert reviews in the Camera niche. Capture attention and focus on your brand with our influential lens.

  • Fashion

    Step into the spotlight with influencers in the Fashion niche. From runway trends to everyday styles, we showcase your brand's flair effortlessly.

  • Reel in the audience with influencers in the Fishing niche. Your brand will make waves in the world of fishing gear and adventures.

  • Fitness

    Flex your brand's muscles in the Fitness niche. From workout gear to wellness tips, we empower your products for a strong impact.

  • Home Niche

    Make every space special with influencers in the Home niche. From decor to essentials, your brand finds a cozy spot in every home.

  • Spice up your brand's presence in the Kitchen niche. From gadgets to gourmet delights, we cook up a perfect blend for your audience.

  • Multi

    Dive into diverse interests with our Multi-Niche influencers. Your brand gets the spotlight, catering to a broad audience with unique tastes.

  • Outdoor

    Adventure awaits with influencers in the Outdoor niche. From gear to breathtaking views, your brand conquers the great outdoors.

  • Sports

    Score big in the Sports niche with influencers who live and breathe the game. Your brand becomes the MVP in the world of sports enthusiasts.

  • Survival

    Navigate the wild side with influencers in the Survival niche. Your brand equips adventurers with the essentials for every journey.

  • Tech

    Stay ahead in the digital era with influencers in the Tech niche. From gadgets to innovations, your brand leads the way in tech-savvy circles.

  • Build a solid brand presence in the Tool niche. From handy gadgets to DIY essentials, your brand becomes the go-to for every project.

How to Get Started

Welcome to our Product Influencer Marketing Service! We’re excited to bring your product to your customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to kickstart your project:

influencer marketing Steps
Step 1
Contact Us
  • Begin by reaching out to us through our contact form or by clicking the “Get Started” button on our website. Provide your basic information and a brief description of your brand and goals
Step 2
  • We take the time to understand your products, target audience, and marketing objectives. Our team collaborates with you to ensure we highlight the unique selling points of your products effectively

Step 3
Video Creation
  • Our expert videographers and editors craft high-quality product review videos that capture the essence of your products and present them in an engaging and persuasive manner

Step 4
Strategic Placement
  • Once the videos are ready, we strategically place them within our own YouTube channel network, which has a wide reach and audience interested in various product categories

Step 5
Monitor & Measure
  • Sit back and watch your brand shine! We’ll continuously monitor and measure the campaign’s success, providing you with regular reports and insights
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Frequently Asked


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Why is Product Influencer Marketing effective?

Product Influencer Marketing is effective because influencers have built trust and credibility with their audience. When they endorse a product, their followers are more likely to trust and engage with the brand, leading to increased awareness, credibility, and sales

Success metrics for Product Influencer Marketing campaigns can include engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares), website traffic, sales conversions, and brand sentiment. Tracking these metrics allows brands to evaluate the impact of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future strategies

Product Influencer Marketing can be beneficial for brands of all sizes and industries, provided that there is an audience overlap between the brand and the influencer’s followers. It’s essential to have clear campaign objectives and a well-defined target audience to maximize the effectiveness of influencer collaborations

Virtually any product can benefit from Product Influencer Marketing, but certain categories tend to perform particularly well. These include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food, tech gadgets, and consumer goods.

To get started with Product Influencer Marketing, brands should define their campaign goals, identify suitable influencers, reach out to them with collaboration proposals, negotiate terms, and track campaign performance using relevant metrics

We have a rigorous vetting process to ensure that influencers align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. We consider factors such as audience demographics, content quality, engagement rate, and brand affinity before selecting influencers for collaboration. This ensures that the content created is authentic and resonates with your audience

We have a dedicated team of influencer relationship managers who handle all aspects of influencer relationships and negotiations on behalf of our clients. This includes identifying suitable influencers, reaching out to them with collaboration proposals, negotiating terms and compensation, and managing ongoing communication throughout the campaign. We ensure that influencers are aligned with your brand objectives and that the collaboration is mutually beneficial for both parties

Turnaround times vary depending on project complexity and scope. We will provide you with a clear timeline estimate once we understand your project requirements.